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A collection of quizzes for learning and practicing English tenses
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Tenses are one of the most difficult subjects in English learning, and they can be really confusing for some people. Shall we use the past simple or the past perfect tense when talking about an action that occurred before another? Or when we say that we are doing something, is it present perfect or present continuous?

English Tenses Quizzes is a program that allows users to practice and improve their understanding of the nuances and subtleties in these grammatical elements. As the program's name implies, it features 10 sets of quizzes, each containing three to four levels, all of them intended to help you practice and study tenses and the differences among them. All the quizzes are timed, so you only have 10 minutes to answer the 10 multiple-chioce questions of each quiz. Each time you answer a question, you can submit your answer to know if it is right or wrong, or you can complete the quiz and let the program give you your global score. If you choose the last option, you can then review the entire quiz to learn your wrong answers, if any. Also, you can print each page of the quiz and show/hide the question list.

This comprehensive and useful program is available for free, so English students, teachers and enthusiasts can't miss this one.

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